Withdrawal problems Online Casinos: The solutions

Withdrawal problems Online Casinos: The solutions

Usually, Online Casinos pay out every profit easily and quickly. However, there are situations and various reasons by which there may be a delay or problems with the payouts. Usually difficulties are the reasons for Withdrawal of the following types:

Technical problems: At the Bank / credit card company of the player or the Online Casino itself, technical problems, which can lead to delays in payment. Also, seasonal staff shortages in the summer months, or Christmas can draw payments under certain circumstances, something in the length.
Misconduct by player: As in the guide article “forbidden and errors you should avoid”, often lead to fraud or grossly negligent failure of the player’s behavior to withdrawal problems.
Delaying tactics of the Online Casinos: Unfortunately, in fact, there are even Online Casinos which try, through systematic delaying tactics payouts to pull in the length or flimsy arguments, the payout to try to completely deny.
Where people work mistakes happen and as long as such error or failure occur sporadically, can not be said to be fraud. In providers where there are constantly problems, but it can put quite a System behind it. Providers who work with such methods damage the long term reputation of Casinosss. For this reason, we ask that notify us of problems with Online Casinos too, so that we can remove from our website or these providers do not create in the first place on our page.

What to do if the Online Casino do not pays out?

If an Online Casino has a payout cross, although there was no gross misconduct, or there are technical problems, can be taken the following steps to move the Online Casino to Pay off:

  1. With the Support in contact: First, you should solve, try the Problem using the Support. Ideally you should way the attempts at a solution are also documented. Basically, you should always remain calm, objective and friendly and directly ask what you can do, so that the profit can be paid out.
  2. Warning to give: do not Have passed the first two steps to success, you should give the Online Casino that you are disappointed and from now on, other paths to take, if the profit is not paid out within 7 working days. The further steps should not be mentioned.
    Supervisory authority the cover letter: Only if the first three steps have not led to success, should submit to the competent Supervisory authority with a complaint in an ideal case, with the documented solution to try. The Supervisory authority is to be found in every legal Online Casino in the footer of the website.
  3. The game developer cover letter: the same Time can also be a complaint to the software suppliers of the Online casino submitted. Most Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Playtech, Novomatic and Merkur are widely used.
  4. The Web: Online Casinos usually have a Facebook page and there are also forums in which to complain, and the behavior of the casino can publish it. But a word of caution: False statements of fact can lead to legal difficulties! In case of complaints in the public space should therefore remain, in principle, to be honest.
  5. Attorney on: Actually, should be transferred to the step 1-6, the money already. If everything has failed, and the winning amount is a little higher, may be charged as a final step, a lawyer for international law.
  6. Online Casino in Casinotop report: Since the Casino wins anyway, it’s not, in our opinion, the greatest meanness, if an Online casino pays out winnings to players, or constantly and systematically problems with payouts. We therefore ask us to report such Online Casinos. So we can assess whether the problems are the Exception and, if necessary, the remove Online Casino of our site.

Withdrawal problems Online Casinos: The solutions

Payment problems are not, or only very rarely occur in our online casino. As you can see, it has come as a player, when legal and properly licensed Online Casinos but also in these cases, a lot of powerful weapons at Hand in order to his well-deserved profit. In General, the Casinos are buckling already at step 4 and pay out any profit.

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