Why are Online Casinos in certain countries?

If you look at a variety of Online Casinos a little more closely, you will notice quickly that most of the Casinos are registered in a few specific countries. We will explain on this page, and what is it with these countries, what are the differences and what to take.


The legal Situation of Online Casinos within the EU is quite complicated. Not every country gives out licenses for real-money Online gambling. However, it is allowed to offer due to the freedom to provide services within the EU, a company has its services in all the member States, as long as it is authorized in a EU country.

For Online Casinos this means that you only need to register in a single EU member country. Of course, can only be used in countries a gambling license, where Online gambling is expressly allowed. Within the EU, the UK, for example, Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man. However, there are also gambling licenses of the German Federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and local licenses, for example, in Spain and Italy.

If you’re looking for a new Online Casino, you should always make sure that the gambling provider has a Casino license from an EU member country. These licenses are subject to a particularly strict conditions, on the other, you have a better legal hand in case of damage. The company has within the EU, claims for compensation in the event of fraud or theft much easier to get through than if the company is hidden in the Caribbean.


Of course, there are also outside of the European Union countries that Online Casino licenses will be awarded. These gaming licenses are not recognised within the EU in General. This does not compulsorily mean that the Online Casino is frivolous.

However, you should refrain from, to, for example, play at an Online Casino with a license in Panama or Curacao, because they are on legal thin ice. In cases of dispute you have no legal hand, because the Casino may not have his services in the EU.

Some countries are also in the reputation of the licensing of Online Casinos to act very lax. This is only too often to the detriment of the safety and allows black sheep to purchase a license, would you be entitled to in other countries, never.


Here we give a brief Overview of the main regulatory authorities. An Online Casino should be registered in a country that is on our list and also not in the EU you should exercise caution. This list, however, is not a recommendation. Before you register in a new Online Casino, you should inform yourself thoroughly.


Schleswig-Holstein is gone in terms of gambling one’s own way and has awarded a total of 23 providers a Online Casino license. These gaming licenses are absolutely legal, even though in Germany Online Casinos of private participants actually are prohibited.

The Ministry of Interior and Federal Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein has put together in the award of a comprehensive catalogue of measures and the license associated with numerous conditions. Thus, Casinos with a gaming license in Schleswig include Online supervised Holstein, probably the best-reviewed gambling providers on the market.

Malta Gaming Authority

The tiny island nation of Malta has, since 2001, the gambling licenses. The Malta Gaming Authority has developed, over the years, the reputation to be very strict and to the protection of the players, about everything. Also important are measures for the prevention of game addiction and the Games to minors.

For this reason, Casinos with a gambling license from the Malta Gaming Authority apply Online as a particularly reliable and secure.

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Online gambling activities in Gibraltar, one of the most important economic. Since 2006, the Online gambling licenses, and the licensee reviewed regularly. The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority enjoys a good reputation within the gambling industry. Online Casinos with a license in Gibraltar can therefore be regarded in General as safe and reputable.

UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission was launched in 2005 and monitored Casinos, slot machines, Bingo, betting services and lotteries. According to self-definition, it looks at the authority as its goal, “the crime of gambling, ensure that gambling is fair and protecting children and vulnerable people”.


Kahnawake is a Mohawk reserve in Quebec, Canada, which has, since 1996, the Online gaming licenses. The licenses are monitored by the specially established Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Online Casinos that have a gambling license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, should best be avoided. Although these Online Casinos are not automatically frivolous, in cases of dispute, it may fall to you, however, very difficult to get your rights.


An Online Casino has a gambling license from Curacao, you should be very careful. The Caribbean island state has no state regulatory authority. For a license from Curacao, you have to register only company in the country. So many requirements and methods of testing fall away, of course, to ensure your safety. In fact, Casinos to enjoy Online with Curacao license an exceptionally bad reputation.

For this reason, we do not recommend you to play in an Online Casino based in Curacao. Make Sure it’s better and you find a regulated Online Casino with proper gambling license.


A valid gaming license is an absolute minimum requirement, must meet in an Online Casino, to become one of us ever considered. But you should check on each candidate in detail before you Deposit money and the casino games gamble for real money.

We have provided for this reason, a Wealth of information for you. Read the casino reviews of our gambling experts and form your own opinion. So you are guaranteed to find a secure and reputable real money Online Casino that suits your preferences.

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