The dangers of a game to be misunderstood addiction.

The dangers of a game to be misunderstood addiction.

Often, the dangers of a game to be misunderstood addiction. As with other addictions, the consequences can be, but often difficult. The gambling addiction is the addiction of the Internet and computer game addiction to be distinguished, although they can be related.

Definition of game addiction

Gambling addiction is referred to in psychology and psychiatry as pathological (sick) Play or compulsive gambling. Gambling addiction is reflected in the fact that it is a Concerned, it is not possible to resist the temptation to gambling, or to participate in betting. And not only the actions of an addiction of the game affected people are affected by the gambling, but also be Thinking of turning in, as a rule, frequently to this theme. In addition, the game addiction is reflected in the fact that it is an Affected usually aware of is that his Play can lead to serious consequences in the private or professional environment.

In General, men are more likely to be affected by gambling addiction than women. According to estimates, approximately 100,000 to 300,000 people in Germany suffer from the gambling addiction.


Possible causes underlying a gambling addiction, are diverse and vary depending on the Affected. It is often not possible, the causes of a gambling addiction is clearly to define, as different causes are summed up. A possible Motivation behind the game of chance and a risk to develop a gambling addiction, is the negative feelings escape. To be able to such negative feelings, guilt feelings or Fears, for example, but also depression.

To be discussed in the science of certain personality variables that can make people susceptible to a game. Furthermore, the environment in which a person is raised, and hereditary factors can contribute to a Concerned is at risk, the gambling and to develop a gambling addiction.

Symptoms, complaints & signs

Game addictive, in a long, slow process. The symptoms in this phase of the course in different ways. First of all, you are weak and unspecific. With the increase of the addiction factor classic signs and symptoms occur. A first indication of a developing addiction to gambling can be win a euphoric behavior, because from the very Beginning. Larger losses result in an increasingly petulant behaviour.

The Affected person would like to win the lost money back and supplied more and more often, unplanned, with money, that often spontaneously at ATMs. Because of the loss to be quickly recovered, the Affected hectic and unfocused. This is when driving a car, in the family and in the workplace is increasingly being felt. Increasingly long periods of absence are explained by lying. The daily expiration is always more affected by the uncontrollable game desire. The self-esteem of changes, and is manifested by depression as well as aggression. Meals not taken due to the gambling addiction regularly.

Body hygiene and a neat appearance are Affected increasingly less and less important. Existing social contacts are neglected. No own resources to Finance the game you are looking for more, it may be illegal to procurement measures. In addition, the persons Concerned try to borrow money. Also, since the working time is finally used to the Play, to be presented to the employer in the form of fictitious sick leave. Quarrels and lies also determine increasingly partnership-based relationships. The game is looking for the life. A high level of debt and the assessment of a hopeless Situation can ultimately lead to thoughts of suicide.

Diagnosis & history

Suspected to suffer from gambling addiction, in the case Concerned, for example, by a psychologist for a diagnosis of gambling addiction tested. This includes the use of a so-called standardized test procedure in which a Affected according to his symptoms is questioned.

In the literature, a so-called (ideal-typical) Three looking at a Concerned-is about the history of a game-phase-to-find model. After that, the game is looking in the phases of profit -, loss -, and the desperation phase can be divided: During the income phase, the Play takes place in the rule of law, Concerned is euphoric and the Play will eventually be more common. During the loss phase of the game is seeking, inter alia, financial and social losses. The desperation phase can eventually go with personality changes and sometimes even with suicidal thoughts associated.


A game addiction is not recognized as such and treated, threatens the loss of the regulated everyday life. The game addiction encompasses all areas of everyday life and has serious consequences for the social environment of the person Concerned. Experience in game Ill is looking for a strong spiritual pressure to hide your Problem. They fear to be excluded and despised, and not be afraid, rarely, therefore, a therapy.

On the other, they also learn in an open dealing with their Addiction, rejection by friends and family, which can lead to social isolations. This can result as a complication of depression. A further complication in connection with a gambling addiction are serious financial problems. This can lead to the extent that the Affected lose any belongings and virtually penniless. Also results in severe mental problems can arise, if left untreated, can nally lead to suicide.

Therapy the long-term consequences of a gambling addiction are often so severe, that even after Overcoming the Addiction Affected a long time psychological need of support. Self-esteem has suffered as a result of the addiction is often so strong that the resumption of a structured falls everyday life very difficult.

Treatment & therapy

In many cases of gambling addiction Affected not to be able to overcome the Addiction without therapeutic help. And, depending on the Phase and form of a game, only the directly Affected, but also close relatives of an Affected professional support do not require addiction often. A therapy of addiction to gambling often has to integrate different aspects: in addition to a psycho-therapeutic assistance may be in the individual case, for example, a debt management is necessary.

A psychotherapy of the game on an outpatient basis or stationary can be addiction; what therapy is the measure suitable for the person Concerned, must be developed individually. In a first Phase of a therapy, for example, can be considered for the individual motivations behind the Play and therapy goals are set. In a second Phase, can be integrated in the framework of inpatient treatment, group discussions with other stakeholders. Furthermore, it is, for example, trained ability for self-control. In the final Phase of the psychotherapeutic treatment of addiction must be stabilized. Among other things, the Affected person is prepared frequently for possible relapse and receives assistance to which he can use in appropriate situations.


Since the causes of a gambling addiction are very versatile can be, it is difficult for a gambling addiction prevent. A possibility is, for example, to observe the first symptoms to become more aware of themselves and to control this. A Person has the impression, symptoms of a gambling addiction to to discover, but you can’t fight without help, can prevent an early, Seek professional advice. Anyone who wants to start gambling, you should be clear in The end, only the “Bank always wins”. Everything else is pure Illusion

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