Poker European champion Jessica Teusl

Poker European champion Jessica Teusl has big plans for 2019

Jessica Teusl is 28 years old and two-time European champion in the area of Poker. In an Interview, the Lower Austrian gave insights into her life and how she came to play. She also explains why she prefers to play Poker against men visit.

As a student, Jessica Teusl is in contact with the gambling for money for the first time. Before visiting a Club with girlfriends, she was at the Casino for the first time. A night with consequences-the poker became for them more than a Hobby. Surely the 28-year-old would not have dreamed at that time betkin, that she will eventually participate in international professional tournaments and even become two-time European champion.

Poker European champion Jessica Teusl

In 2017, Jesica Teusl won the Ladies European Poker Championship in Velden for the first time. Their price was then 3,340€. A year later she was able to defend the title again and received a prize money of more than€4,500. Their Poker winnings are now supposed to be 59,874 dollars, with their best single result being 20,000 euros at a 10K High Roller tournament in Innsbruck. She had made the third place.

The father brought the game closer to her

The father taught her the poker. As a child, she was fascinated by numbers and mathematics; to the daughter’s request, he had brought her closer to the Poker rules. At the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna, Teusl studied business consulting with Marketing after school. In Salzburg she graduated in event management.

Her studies have been successful, she has her own advertising agency and is responsible for sales and staff at the travel agency “Splashline”.

Splashline is a Party travel provider who succeeded in bringing American party culture across the ocean with Spring Break Europe in 2008. Otherwise you are responsible for the sound Everest and the Brass Palmas. Visitors can expect great emotions and unforgettable experiences.

What does a good poker player need?

First of all, he must be able to deal with money so that he doesn’t get spoiled. Otherwise, it is patience, discipline and concentration, according to their view milfzr. After all, a tournament goes over several days, you have to be able to divide his powers and the money well. Furthermore, one must be able to accept that one cannot always win.

Otherwise, she places much emphasis on the observation of the players. From the body language of the players you could take a lot and then deduce the best ways of playing for yourself. However, one must be able to interpret the gestures correctly. Certainly you can train the poker face in a certain way, but Teusl is of the opinion, that she actually does not train so much:

I watch videos, read books and play a lot online. Sometimes I trade with other players, but that’s it. It is rather a learning process.

The European champion does not have special rituals before a tournament. She wears only two bracelets during poker, one of the grandparents and one of the father. They are supposed to bring her happiness, however, she announced it to the press with a wide grin.

Poker: pure gambling or thinking sports?

For years, the discussion has been conducted internationally as to whether Poker can be regarded as pure gambling. In Austria, it is considered to be pure gambling, in other European countries it is seen a little differently, because their own skill plays a major role in Poker. Martin Sturc is a sports scientist and poker player from Vienna. In his diploma thesis “Skill Beats Luck” he expressed the opinion that it should be recognized as a game of skill – an analysis of game theory would suggest it.

Teusl is because of a different opinion. Although you can minimize the happiness factor by many calculations, but in the end, happiness is often decisive.

Poker should be presentable

The European champion still has problems with the bad reputation of the game of poker. A lot of people in their environment, still think that Poker is played in smoky back rooms. The cards in Hand, one cigar in the other and a Whiskey glass in front of the player. Of course, this is no longer the case. She says in the Interview that today she is more courageous to her Hobby, but she is sometimes viewed wrong:

I used to hide my Hobby because I was afraid of the reactions. Some people looked me wrong. They thought I’d play house and yard. It all goes well. I also play many tournaments with little use. Of course you can play money, but you must always see it in Relation. Meanwhile, I take it left, if someone criticizes me for it.

Playing against men is easier

Although there are more and more women in the poker scene who also appear confidently, men dominate the game. I had already reported about Liv Boeree of a well-known British poker player. Significantly more Vanessa Selbst has achieved from the USA. It is regarded as the most successful poker player, has earned twelve million dollars in prize money and World Series of Poker 3 Braclets.

Teusl said that she usually had to play against men. At first, there were always stupid comments. She wasn’t taken seriously at the table, but she said that you can use it for your own benefit.

At the first women’s poker EM 2017 there were about 60 participants. She had to change her mind. Women play more passive, which can be a disadvantage when playing poker. Overall, the competition between women alone is probably much bigger and playing harder-therefore they prefer to play against men.

What are the plans for 2019?

First of all, the Casinos Austria Poker Tour (CAPT) is in Seefeld, where she will also participate in some tournaments. Another event will be held in Bregenz in February. Meanwhile, Teusl could live well from the Poker revenues. She has been working as a Testimonial for” win2day ” since 2017. Two months ago she took part in the world Blackjack championship in Innsbruck and won€ 20,000 prize money. Nevertheless, she does not want to give up her actual Job:

I like my professional life. I need this change. But who knows what will be in five or ten years. I’m dreaming of playing at the big international tournaments.

The World Series of Poker is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. She’d like to be in America. So maybe she’s going to play at the WSOP in Las Vegas, she wouldn’t be averse to a golden Braclet on her wrist.

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