As in any market niche, there are a lot of nuances in gambling. It is impossible to get there “from the street”, because tough competition has developed in the market. Substantial preparation is necessary, as Gambling area attracts a vast amount of currency in circulation and one don’t mind scooping out of this lake oneself. Webmasters do not rush to share information, and I’m ready to give the most useful extracts about the ways the gambling sector works in business and how to act in order to earn more.

Webmasters bugs: the major mistake in gambling

Almost any mistakes are easy to correct with obtaining useful experience and improving skills. Nevertheless, there are also very serious ” screw-ups “, such as superficial knowledge of the niche where you work. In this case, the webmaster understands neither psychology, nor interests, nor preferences of his audience and can’t offer people the things they need.
Consider, for example, sites for adults in the Western market. Here large numbers of people are ready to purchase paid porno content, despite a large amount of free one, which is freely available on torrent trackers. Everyone should know such nuances, otherwise the earnings on the adult will be insignificant. The similar situations occur in gambling.

Earnings on the casino affiliate program

The vast majority of webmasters, who actively attract customers to online casino sites, have never played at the casino. Focusing on SEO, they don’t try to explore this area. But the crucial question to ask is: “Why have the clients chosen this peculiar game? Indeed, the probability of winning is much lower here than the chance to lose. ” Understanding of human psychology, people motives, their mood is important. You yourself have to become the fans of the game, so the understanding will come.
You can get into the skin of the player at the moment when the slot is pouring 300 credits, blackjack rolls for 4 times, an excellent bonus is given. You will feel 3 times increase of rates or the loss of the pot. Only this way, through yourself, you will recognize your payer.

Success story: confession of gambling guru

Ways to earn money on casino affiliate programs

One of the best affiliates in the field of gambling in the Western market is Gram. He gets high income with online casinos and their affiliate programs, he is an experienced webmaster and started his career from the origins.
Having created his site, Gram raised it to a high level with “black” SEO, without even bothering to explore the essence of gambling and the niche. He has played blackjack for a couple of times, and also could not understand the psychology of people who spent the night playing poker or slots, wasting big money just for their own pleasure.
Despite the powerful promotion, attendance on Gram’s site fell, and the site itself fell down sharply in the tops. In this, Gram’s earnings were not very large. Without addressing the interests of his target audience he didn’t understand their motivation, didn’t find out what inspires them, what makes them want to play.

Online Casino Affiliate

Eventually, the time came when Graham got tired of counting pennies. He made a decision to see this area clearly. For this purpose, the webmaster chose a casino for himself, replenished his deposit there and started playing for pleasure, not for earnings. Just for fun. And then it stuck him: Gram has realized the gist of the game. The entertainment allowed him to win a small amount, lose it and to win again with gradually increasing bets, but much more. This win was also lost, but the understanding of the game gist stayed. In his attempts, Gram used the most popular schemes of the game, trying to understand through them the motives and behavior of any casino player.
Now he is the most famous webmaster and his earnings on online casino affiliates are thousands of dollars a month. With understanding his audience, Gram knows how to engage them with making profitable offers. His conclusion is as follows: even the best SEO won’t give good results if the creator of the site doesn’t understand his clients.

Balance and its fluctuations (motivation to continue the game)

Earnings on casino affiliate programs

The main trick that applies to newcomers is extra bonuses which make the player top up a deposit with substantial amounts of money in the future. But, loyalty programs are poorly developed and don’t give special privileges, even in the most awesome gambling sites. The possibility of obtaining the status of VIP level client and extra points is a maximum, sometimes there are quite generous bonuses when depositing money, which inspire you to replenish your account more and faster.
If during the game the casino client has reached zero balance, he will be bombed with offers that can interest the player and return him to the game. These can be amounts of money from casino supported by the promise of bonuses, big wins and other preferences.
It seems that this casino policy is very loyal to the player, but it is not. In a month of playing on bonuses you can earn tens of thousands of banknotes, but in order to win your money back you will have to lose the bank with wasting the entire previous win.
The situation must be taken into account in order not to make any illusions. The casino players also happy to visit the sites where they are convinced that it is cozy and comfortable there, and they can win a whole lot of money easily. To achieve a high level of customer loyalty, a casino can spend several months and a lot of money.

Off with the illusions: the realities of earning in gambling

How to make money on casino affiliate program. Any person will cheer up when seeing early in the morning the information about the increase of the affiliate commission up to $ 2,000 in comparison with 150 that were in the evening. Wait till the month is over, when the commission will be fixed, and the virtual money transform into real profit. We advise you not to track income statistics at this time. Because there will be sudden changes: on the 10-th you have a sum with 6 zeros on your account, and in a couple of days you are out, because players have already won their money back.

the realities of earning in gambling

The feeling you have when a couple of thousand dollars formed on your account during the night, is incredibly attractive, but when the money vanish into thin air just before your eyes, you are hurt and offended. To avoid disappointment you should promote offers in the affiliate programs where there is no possibility of negative balance transfer. Almost all casino affiliates I work with cannot transfer negative balance to the next period, my tops-of-the-line are: Poshfriends and Game-Revenue. About the income in these affiliates you can read in the section “Reports”on the site.
Big win is absolutely real in gambling, but this is equally the main reason for the “swing”. When a gambler decides to withdraw his winnings, the account can become negative. Let’s take an example: so, there are 100 players simultaneously on online casino site. They bet constantly, but the amounts are not big. As a result, with such attendance and intensity the profit will be $ 100 for each player. Everything changes when a newcomer appears: he breaks the bank. In order to exit from the minus you may need long months or even years. You never get tied with casinos where the negative balance is transferred to the next month.

Preliminary analysis of affiliate programs

When you choose the casino to work in the affiliate program together, examine its terms thoroughly. You should learn everything about the bonus program, payment rules (their transparency and adequacy), etc. Casino owners may not even suspect about bonuses for a second deposit, but they often use other methods of engagement and holding of players.
There are also managers who stimulate the players manually. They find the users whose balance is falling rapidly, and they pay them bonuses, 200 dollars, through the admin panel. You may not be able to govern the situation, so examine carefully the specifics of the gambling site before making a choice in its favor. Any information about gambling sites can be found at specialized forums where there are websites with reviews. Try to register in any casino you like, even if it costs money, play and evaluate the methods used for retaining clients.
Always remember about those very “swings”, do not flatter yourself with the fact that the income in the middle of the month pleases the eye, because the profit will be fixed for the last days of the month. It’s like a roller coaster, although there’s still a chance to earn a lot.

Active ways to increase profits with the casino: 10 options

It’s quite difficult to increase traffic on affiliate site, it’s a fact. If there is fierce competition in the niche, casino owners struggle for each client. It is very upsetting to waste a lot of money, effort and time. It seems that attendance has also increased, but the commission on AP is still low. The entire information given below will be both useful and vital. It will let you to avoid a number of stalemates, not to make mistakes and earn profit with its opening.
First you must understand that it is very important to improve your site constantly. Change its design and presentation to attract attention of visitors, who will then become your active customers.
I will now list several effective optimization methods that are mandatory, or, at least, do occur. This is more about information sites with reviews of casinos, ratings, etc., because this source of traffic is very flexible, and also has unlimited capacity in terms of growth.

How to make money on gambling site in affiliate programs

  1. Promo codes or limited availability
    Most often, generous starting bonuses dare the players to choose a particular casino. Of particular interest is the proposal with a promo code and time limits. Based on the promo code, people almost immediately and without much effort receive a gift, and everybody love gifts.
    The promo code will not only increase the conversion, but also the traffic coming from the searchers under request containing the following set of words “casino name + promo codes / bonuses / tournaments / promotions”. This method is convincing and effective, simply because of the fact that in the top issue there appear micro-niche sites which offer entire compilations of promo codes for various casinos. I have an essay about earnings on the bonus: Earnings on the review of casino bonus-makers.
  2. Video content with reviews of online casinos
    Gambling fans are fascinated not only with slots and card games, and one should remember this. They can be hooked up with a variety of complex games, where it will be difficult to figure out on the spot the process and the rules of the game. The Special video tutorial will help to bring the user into contact and move him to the status of an active casino player.
    Undoubtedly, video tutorials are expensive, more expensive than text reviews, but you immediately get a special advantage over competitors. The vast majority of sites in RuNet are filled with pictures and text, I can distinguish only the TTR blog and Dimangiva. Its high popularity is due to the presence of its own channel on YouTube with video reviews, motivated content and adequate info against a background of the reviews from other “bloggers”
    Unlike our CIS area, the reviews exactly are more popular in Europe and the United States, as webmasters there will do anything just to improve the position of the site in the searchers and the impact of them.
  3. The simpler – the better
    Don’t scare the visitors with buttons like “deposit replenishment” or “start playing online”, this is bad for the conversion. Only few people can invest their money without hesitation. We recommend you to soften the appeal with using the “learn more” or “click on the site” buttons. If the link does not have call to immediate action, then it’s easier for a person to proceed with it. It doesn’t look aggressive and doesn’t require actions in the “here and now” format.
    Thus, for example, the Askgamblers site doesn’t have aggressive buttons, there is a “click on the site” and it works perfectly. The site became the leader of information about ratings, bets and casinos, it is respected as an expert (at least as one of the tops at one level with the pog and maybe, two more).
  4. Add-ons in your browser and various “points”
    In case of attracting customers to the casino, the method with first available techniques wouldn’t work. Think about how to transform your target audience to the site visitors, the visitors of affiliate site. Gradually, the visitors will move on leads, and this will bring more income in the end.
    We can give an example of the Slotozilla site, a foreign resource. There is the largest collection of slots here, as well as the possibility of free plug-in installation for your browser. As a result, a person will have quick access to his favorite entertainment after binding to the portal. It is necessary to send various notifications, urging to action and newsletters. The gap between the site and the player is significantly reduced.
    Here you can read an interesting “gambling horoscope”, which gives predictions for the most successful numbers for each star sign. You’d think, well, who would take such things seriously? Nevertheless, services of the kind complement the main site perfectly and attract the users’ attention. Everything looks like shown attention and concern, that is why the trust also rises several-fold.
  5. Tutorials on gambling and useful messaging
    Messages can be very powerful tool for transferring random visitors to the category of regular customers and readers. You offer the person any value for the subscription. It can be a free e-book that contains description of winning strategies, gaming lessons in video or audio format, etc. You can also send out bonus codes, only the subscribers themselves are not as valuable as players.
    With notifying your subscribers about the “best” casinos, you make many of them to register, and this will bring you more profit. After losing on one platform, the player will go to another one, maybe he even go through the entire list of your recommendations. With making the player feel secure about the site, you will convince him to invest more, to make deposits, which is the most profitable.
    You can also use “dirty methods”, which mean a distribution of materials called “How to win by cheating the casino.” If you have a white site, it is not entirely correct to mislead the subscribers. Anyway, the collection of relevant database of gamblers at any time can be a very strong support for the webmaster.
  6. Adaptability to mobile devices
    To help visitors find necessary information, there are casino sites-catalogs. There must be a large set of filters for search which would make this resource a real aggregate. Now it is important to look for online casinos on the basis of compatibility with mobile devices, because it is clear that a large percentage of gamblers play on them and this percentage is increasing each year.
    The example of such adaptability is the The Pogg site (foreign again). Here the casino can be selected according to the filter of the operating system, which is used in electronic gadgets. The adaptive design of the affiliate site is also important, because such functionality is extremely rare among Russian-language resources (recently webmasters care more about it, since the amount of traffic from mobile devices is growing steadily, and nothing should prevent these transformations to real players ).
  7. Ratings and rating system
    Sites with comments and reviews, as well as recommendations from the best casinos would be better with ratings and evaluations. In fact, only some of them have post some unreadable charts and plain lists, without numbers and stars.
    One should realize that reviews without comments from real players, without ratings based on reality, will hook up nobody. In order to increase confidence, the figures should be justified, estimates should be real. The choice of people most often is committed to resources with high attendance, recommended by other players. You can also create rating of reviews, except for rating of visitors, and also rating of players comments. Create the tangible atmosphere of activity on the site, it inspires confidence.
  8. Affiliate links should be easily accessible
    In many other countries, not only in Russia, gambling is restricted in access or even categorically prohibited. Webmaster has to change domains constantly, as well as invent other ways to maintain access to sites. If the site uses direct links, the potential players can be lost irrevocably. Domain work should also be monitored. If not, the screen instead of the coveted entrance to the casino will display a message about blockage, posted by the provider or on behalf of Roskomnadzor.
    In such a situation, you can apply traffic distribution systems, also called TDS. They can determine the domains relevance in automatic mode, and also send traffic there. Almost all affiliates work this way, TDS let you to reduce the number of failures.
    You should also remember that there can be a blockage of the affiliate site. This is a mass phenomenon, sometimes it’s because of competing sites, and most commonly, complete uncertainty, so it is necessary to be always ready for such occasions. In order not to have problems, websites often use a pop-up window, with warning about the necessity to follow the letter of the law.
    Of course, it’s a pure formality in order not to scare the client. Legislation requirements are considered, the attendance is good, sometimes it even grows due to stimulated curiousity of the forbidden fruit lovers. But such a table doesn’t provide any guarantees, so one just has to pray for the relevance of ways to combat the Roskomnadzor blockage. In my blog I have already posted an article on the subject: How to protect your web-site from the Roskomnadzor blockage.
  9. Community for Users
    The method of creating a community or a platform for communication does not directly affect the level of conversion. But it will allow to create a special community around the site, gradually increasing profitability due to trust in the resource. Make your portal, filled with information about the casino, a dynamic public area, and not a dump of optimized texts. Here you can ask questions and get answers to them, communicate and relax, which is important.
    Such a format can be presented in the form of a special thematic section on the website, forum, etc. Use a free blog or chat room for the users to make comments on articles and texts. Here you have to invest in the upgrading of the visitors activity. For example, Pokerstrategy is a forum dedicated to poker. Its owners raised their portal to a very high level (and it all began quite simply), cooperating now with the most reputable poker rooms in the English-speaking niche. Now they receive income from affiliates beginning with 10 thousand US dollars monthly.
    When the activity of users grows, the amount of information on the site will increase. The content will be generated by the visitors themselves, this will be another source of target traffic. Because low-frequency requests will play their part in the issue of search sites, and this is important. In general, the traffic of the site grows very much with low-frequency requests, if you increase and expand them, because the competition here is a bit lower than in the HF.
  10. Repetition is useful: we duplicate the call for action
    This is particularly true for Lending-paging, but the reviews work likewise. Do not put just one button that calls for action. This is especially bad at the very top of the page, when going down is a far and long process. This problem can be solved in two ways.
    In the first case, I advise you to use the floating menu. If your template or engine has such functions, you can apply them without hesitation.
    However, it’s difficult to change anything on not new sites with the old engine and design. In the second case, I advise you to embed the links directly into the text of the content, and also insert the buttons into its body. So your links will always be before the eyes of the user. And best of all, go to more up-to-date engines, convenient and easy to fill.

The above methods of increasing the revenue part of the affiliate site are certainly familiar to experienced webmasters. But I’m sure that the above presented further information will convince them to start changing their policies if they postponed it for later.
Types of sites for earnings on affiliates: which is more profitable?

If you decided to create an affiliate site in the field of gambling, we suggest you to put the ideas below into practice:

  • Promotions and bonuses in the form of catalog
  • An educational resource with useful content, where the descriptions of games and rules will be given
  • Specific communities and forums
  • A video blog with interesting and “candid” publications
  • Methods of black SEO or doorways
  • Ratings and reviews of the most heavily visited casinos
  • Imaginary “fake” strategies on subjects relating to the ways of tricking the casino.

Findings and conclusions

Nobody is above making a mistake, even the leaders of the gambling segment. There is a serious competition here, and crucial mistakes are made. The websites of webmasters affiliates are far from perfect. To rise to a high level, you have to create the structure of the site as responsibly as possible. You should use various foreign chips, you can even take some of them as a basis (that very AskGamblers, Pog and similar). Any active action on my recommendations will produce positive results. The main thing is not to give up, and work hard to improve the site, keeping pace with the times and modern trends.