"New Year Story" Lottery

“New Year Story” Lottery

New Year Story begins at Play Fortuna Casino – we are about to draw 200 prizes worth €50 000.
Get lottery tickets and spin the wheel, move along the snow map and earn points.
Top-200 participants with the most points will receive prizes from Play Fortuna Casino.


100% Up To $500
Wager: 40 X (B)
  • Good bonuses

  • Fast Withdrawals

  • Best of 2017
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    You will receive one lottery ticket for each deposit multiple of $20. Be careful, if the deposit is not a multiple of $20, the balance of the amount does not participate in the receipt of the next ticket.

    Adventures and additional prizes – points, free spins and extra tickets are waiting for you.
    If there are a lot of tickets, you can purchase a super game.
    The Grinch is waiting for you on the playing field of the New Year Story lottery from December 13 to January 18.
    See you in the final!


    1. The lottery runs from 13.12.18 9:00am (UTC) to 18.01.19 9:00am (UTC)

    2. The accrual of lottery tickets will be stopped 15.01.19 9:00am (UTC). . All players who have tickets left after stopping their accrual, will be able to wager them from 15.01.19 (UTC) to 17.01.19 9:00am (UTC).

    3. The winners will be selected and awarded 18.01.19 9:00am (UTC).

    4. Any player who has received a lottery ticket can become a lottery participant.

    5. To receive a lottery ticket, you need to make a deposit of, at least, $20 (or the equivalent in your account currency at the current exchange rate).

    6. For deposits from 20 dollars (equivalent in the currency of your account) 1 lottery ticket is accrued (spin). Each subsequent ticket can be obtained for a deposit of $20, the deposit balance is burned. For example: for a deposit of $90 a player gets 4 tickets, $10 is burned.

    7. The lottery ticket is 1 rotation of the “game wheel” in the lottery. As part of the drawing of a single ticket, a player moves 1-5 cells on a game map.

    8. On the playing field there are 4 different types of cells:

    • Points Cell
    • Each cell corresponds to the number of Points depicted on it: 5 | 10 | 15 | 25 | 40 | 50 | 75 | 100 | 150 Getting on it, the player is given a choice: pick up points (the more points, the higher the place in the leaderboards) and return to the beginning of the game, or continue the rotation of the “game wheel” and move around the playing field.
    • Failure Cell
    • Getting on it, the player returns to the beginning of the playing field, while all the points are burned at this stage. IMPORTANT: Points that were displayed earlier in the leaderboards are stable.
    • Pause Cell
    • Getting on it, the player does not get points, but the position on the playing field remains unchanged.
    • Golden Cell
    • Getting on it, the player needs to choose one of the presented closed Gold cells behind which there is a guaranteed prize: free spins*, points, lottery tickets, which are automatically credited to the player’s account. The probability of a dropout and the prize value are determined randomly. Every golden cell is winning. *Free spins are accrued to the actual account in the game “Deco Diamonds”.

    9. Super game – a special stage in the lottery, where the player is guaranteed to win one of 5 prizes (150, 200, 400, 800, 1500 Points). The points are summed up and sent to the leaderboards.

    10. The player is guaranteed to participate in Super Game

    • After passing the 40th cell on the playing field. It is not necessary to get strictly to the 40th (last) cell of the playing field.
    • After buying a Super Game. On the game panel there is a button “Buy Super game”. The player immediately goes to the Super game, if he/she has 50 lottery tickets. Just click “Buy Super game”.

    11. After Super game the player moves to the top of the playing field. All the unused game tickets are reserved for the player.

    12. The leaderboards is a list of players, in accordance with the number of points earned, from higher to lower.

    13. The player has the opportunity to pass the game map many times.

    14. Lottery Prize Pool:

    1 place:€7 000
    2 place: €5 000
    3 place: €4 000
    4 place: €3 000
    5 place: €2 000
    6 nplace: €1 500
    7 place: €1 000
    8-14 place: €750
    15-22 place: €500
    23-31 place: €400
    32-41 place:
    42-53 place: €250
    54-62 place: €150
    63-86 place: €100
    87-105 place: €75
    106-125 place: €50
    126-160 place: €25
    161-180 place: €20
    181-200 place: €10

    15. The administration of Play Fortuna reserves the right to cancel all the tickets and remove a player from the leaderboards.

    16. The administration of Play Fortuna reserves the right to change, suspend or cancel the lottery at any time.


    100% Up To $500
    Wager: 40 X (B)
  • Good bonuses

  • Fast Withdrawals

  • Best of 2017
  • Play Now

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