For many players today, a mobile online casino is the first choice. The reason for this is obvious. Smartphones and tablets have become more click here to read and more part of our everyday lives in recent years. And that in turn is of course the ideal prerequisite for mobile online casinos. The providers have stepped on the gas pedal in this area and launched numerous attractive offers.

Best Mobile Online Casinos for Canadian Players

And we have good news. In the following Casinonet, we will not only show you the currently best mobile online casinos, but also what should catch the eye in a positive way. In short: we will familiarize you with everything you need to know about mobile casinos.

Best Mobile Online Casinos in Canada – Top List

Everything About the Mobile Casinos at a Glance

  • Mobile online casinos are an addition to desktop casinos.
  • With the mobile online casinos you can choose from different variants .
  • With the native casino apps you can download an app to your device . Other mobile casinos can be reached directly in your browser via the web app.
  • If you use a web version, neither device, storage space nor operating system are relevant.
  • A good mobile online casino offers you all conventional functions, features and games for “your pocket”.
  • If a mobile online casino provides a bonus, you can unlock it more effectively with the app.

What is a Mobile Online Casinos for Canadian Players?

If best online casinos want to have a serious say in the market these days, they have to offer their players a lot. This not only includes a complete portfolio, but now also a mobile game version. More and more players are using a mobile online casino . Why should be obvious. Thanks to the mobile apps, the “gamblers” always have their favorite games and what the casino has to offer with them. So if you want to use the waiting time in the doctor’s office or at the subway stop, for example, you will find the optimal solution here. A huge step forward, because the players are no longer tied to their computer in their own living room. The mobile casino apps are offered by the online casinos in different versions. This ensures that users can access the offer with any device.

The first mobile casino apps came onto the market around ten years ago . At that time, however, the versions were by no means really appealing. At that time, a mobile online casino could not even begin to guarantee the quality of today’s providers. The market has changed significantly, the quality and variety have increased enormously.

The Difference Between Mobile Casinos and Casino App

The online casinos generally offer their mobile casinos in two versions. Important to note here: Not every provider uses both ways. The first option is a native download app. This is downloaded, for example, from the Apple app store and then installed on your own device. Once installed, players can access the casino’s range of games. The alternative to this are the mobile casinos with no download. Strictly speaking, these apps are the casino’s mobile websites. These are simply optimized for the smaller screens of mobile devices. This gives players a number of advantages. For example, it does not matter which device is used to access the offer. This is different with the download apps. The download variants are specifically only intended for certain devices with certain operating systems. In addition, Android users cannot simply download the apps from the Google app store. This does not allow real money apps, so you have to switch to an external source.

The fact that no download is required means that further points are not required for mobile casinos without a download. Players don’t have to worry about their own operating system on the device . In addition, it does not matter how much storage space is available on the end device. In other words: A mobile online casino without software download is the much more convenient option.

Payment Methods

When playing for real money, the focus is on the choice of payment methods. After all, you have to be able to rely on secure and fast payment services when making deposits – and of course when paying out your winnings . The good news: there is a large selection. Unfortunately, PayPal has withdrawn from the industry. There are many PayPal alternatives as well as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC):

As you can see, some of the most popular payment services are available to you for your payments. Especially if you want to play on the go and regardless of location, the advantages of instant banking providers such as Klarna, Trustly or e-wallets such as Skrill come into play. After all, you can use it to send payments easily and conveniently. You can find more information in our test on payment methods in mobile casinos.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

The bonus offers are a nice addition to the mobile game offers of the casinos. A mobile online casino nowadays usually has several bonus offers available to its players. Most providers reward their new customers with a so-called welcome bonus, for example. This deal can be grabbed by players who open their own account with the provider for the first time or who make a deposit on it. If a deposit is necessary, we are talking about a so-called deposit bonus. However, it is also possible for a mobile online casino to offer its new customers a casino bonus without a deposit provides. In this case, all that is required is to open an account. Following this, the bonus balance or the free spins will then be transferred to the account.

In addition to new customers, a mobile online casino usually also serves its existing customers with bonus offers. Here again a distinction is made between different types of bonuses. For example, it is possible that an exclusive mobile bonus may be offered. It can then only be used for a mobile online casino, but not for the desktop version. In addition, existing customers can also have access to bonus offers such as deposit bonuses or bonuses without a deposit. Many mobile casino apps also offer a loyalty or VIP program. This is intended for the particularly loyal players and serves them for their regular assignments with promotions or extras. The more bets that are placed, the higher up the players in the VIP programs. And the better extras can be used.

Attention to the Bonus Conditions

Whenever a mobile online casino makes a bonus offer available, players should take a close look at it. At first glance, customers are particularly impressed by the highest possible bonus amount. This is understandable, of course, because every player is happy with a generous bonus amount. Much more important than the bonus amount for the offers, however, are the bonus conditions . These define all further framework conditions for the offer. With a deposit bonus, for example, you should also pay attention to the value of the deposit. Providers do not always rate 100 percent, but sometimes only 50 percent or 25 percent. In addition, the exact wagering requirements for the payment of the offer must be checked.

These indicate how often the bonus amount has to be implemented in the provider’s portfolio within a certain period of time. Players can only withdraw the bonus if these wagering requirements have been correctly met. These wagering requirements are often extended by additional conditions, such as a limit on the maximum stake per game round or the exclusion of certain games.

Mobile Live Dealer

Many players make sure that a mobile online casino offers the largest possible selection of games. Live casinos are becoming increasingly popular in this context . These are a great thing especially for fans of table games and significantly intensify the casino gaming experience. The players are placed directly at a gaming table in a live studio of the developer via webcam transmission. The players cannot see each other, but the dealer can. This guides you through the game rounds like in a real casino and even helps with questions or ambiguities. The live games are now also available in the mobile casino apps and thus increase the quality of the mobile game offers enormously. In addition to roulette and blackjack, you can also play poker, baccarat or game show games. Every mobile online casino determines how large the selection is.

Top Mobile Casino Games

Of course, there is not only a selection of games for table and live dealer fans in the portfolio of mobile casino apps. Casino games of all kinds are offered in the portfolios . The countless gaming machines and slots , for example, are particularly popular . As a rule, every mobile online casino in this category has the greatest variety in its portfolio. It is not uncommon for players to choose from several hundred titles in this category alone. A distinction is often made between modern video slots and classic slot machines. The slot machines are reminiscent of the well-known “one-armed bandits” and are usually played on only three reels. The modern video slots offer action on five, six or even more reels.

If you are looking for even more choices, you will also find it. A mobile online casino, for example, offers table games in an animated version. So here is not played directly live in front of the dealer, but quite regularly in the modern “online style”. A very special section in the well-stocked mobile casino apps is the jackpot games category. Here, the casinos provide their players with games that can generate particularly large winnings with an integrated jackpot. This category is often divided into various jackpot games. In addition to the progressive, i.e. increasing, jackpots, fixed jackpots are also available. A mobile online casino guarantees thrills with all the games in this category.

Find the Best Mobile Online Casinos in Canada

Finding a mobile online casino is not a complicated thing these days. But on the contrary. The mobile casino apps are offered by all providers on the market. That puts players in an excellent position. After all, every mobile online casino can be compared so easily with the offers of the competition. Here we show what you should pay attention to:

  • Access : Access to a mobile online casino should ideally be as quick and easy as possible. For this reason, a mobile online casino without a download usually has an advantage over download apps. The players should have to pay attention to a few hurdles. This is exactly the case with the instant play variants. The annoying download is no longer necessary, and exactly the same applies to the installation. It is hardly much faster than with a mobile version without a download.
  • Game selection : The game selection plays an important role in the evaluation of mobile casino apps. The larger this is, the more positive it is to be assessed. Of course, players should first and foremost make sure that their own favorite games are included. But it doesn’t hurt to have a few alternatives to get to know. If, on the other hand, you know that you will only play one, two or three titles, you do not have to attach great importance to the game selection. In general, however, the selection in the mobile casino apps should be as identical as possible to the selection on the desktop.
  • Functional scope of the mobile casino apps : A mobile online casino should not only allow customers to play games these days. Instead, other functions should also be available. This includes, for example, the processing of deposits and withdrawals. It is not really convenient if the desktop has to be used over and over again. In addition, players at a mobile casino should always be able to contact customer support without any problems.
  • Ease of use : In order for a mobile online casino to be convincing, good orientation for the players must be guaranteed. Specifically, this means that every “gamer” has to be able to orientate himself in the offer without a long start-up time. Ease of use plays a role here. The individual menus and buttons should be clearly labeled and reliably show the way through the portfolio. In addition, a mobile online casino should get by without excessive loading times or other disruptions. These reduce the fun enormously and should be circumvented by the provider with a powerful solution.
  • Design : the eye plays too! The design is also an extremely important point for a mobile online casino. Players value an appealing look and a modern design. If this looks too old-fashioned, the desire for game rounds can be reduced quite quickly.

Apart from the five points mentioned, players should only drive to a mobile online casino that can be described as serious and trustworthy . First and foremost, the license should be checked. If a mobile online casino holds a license from a regulatory authority, this is clear evidence of a serious way of working. If a mobile online casino does not have a license, this offer should not be used.

Conclusion: Pull out your Smartphone or Tablet and Get Started Right Away

A mobile online casino is a clever solution for every player these days. The providers on the market have long since got involved with the needs of their customers. And a mobile online casino has been part of that for some time. The number of players using the offers on the move is increasing. In the coming years, providers will therefore have to present better and better mobile casino apps. So ideal conditions for all players. They can already choose from some really impressive mobile offers, the quality of which will increase significantly in the coming years. However, if you want to find a strong mobile online casino, you should pay attention to various criteria. The technical implementation is particularly important so that crashes and other annoying problems can be avoided. But also the design, the user friendliness, the bonus offers or the mobile game offer play an important role.



A good mobile online casino can convince its players on different levels. This includes, among other things, the design or the game selection . Ease of use, access to bonus offers, customer support or technical implementation are also important for the evaluation.


A mobile online casino is optimized for all devices on the market. Access to the browser versions is therefore possible with all smartphones or tablets . The download apps for a mobile online casino are only made available for special operating systems and devices.


A mobile online casino can be available in different variants. Some providers rely on native download apps that have to be downloaded. The better solution are the mobile casino apps without download . With these, the players can play at the provider directly in their respective browser.


How the range of games turns out varies from provider to provider. However, a good mobile online casino covers the needs of all players. In addition to slot machines, jackpot games, table games, live games or other titles should also be available in the portfolio.


A mobile online casino should only be used if it can be described as serious. This requires checking the license . If no license is available, the offer should be refrained from.