MAX Line to Cater for All Players by NetEnt

MAX Line to Cater for All Players by NetEnt

NetEnt have yet again announced some exciting news as they’re expanding their collection of online slots. The world’s leading gaming suppliers are getting bigger as they prepare to offer you bigger hits with an industry first! Their MAX product line is about to hit the market by storm and you’ll see the changes at some of your favourite online casinos.

MAX Line to Cater for All Players

They’re already home to some of the industry’s most popular games and NetEnt are showing no signs of slowing down. They’ve decided to expand their slot offering with the launch of their exciting new MAX product line.

Their new innovative concept will simultaneously cater to different player groups which will allow their operators to address different needs with one simple game launch and marketing push.

NetEnt’s new MAX Product line will cater for different player groups with one simple game launch to a wide market of operators.

NetEnt will be releasing their MAX games in a tailor-made double game release. This will be suited for casual players and ‘MAX’ players. MAX players being defined as all you thrill seekers looking for games with high win potential.

These innovative MAX games will also share similar return-to-player percentages and proprietary NetEnt game mechanics as their regular version and counterparts.

First Game Launch

And, the great news is you don’t even have to wait that long as NetEnt’s first MAX double release is going live on August 23rd. The providers will be launching BerryBurst and BerryBurst MAX.

The launch will provide operators with the reassurance to place games with proven game mechanics into multiple areas and verticals of their portfolio with a single, cost effective and multi-targeted marketing promotion. So, basically if you’ve always wanted more out of a NetEnt slot, their new MAX line could just be the game changer you’ve been looking for.

The new MAX slots could just be the gamechanger you’ve been looking for.

The casinos you know, and love will now be able to cater for the preferences of both casual players and those looking for the bigger sized wins.

Team Comments

Henrik Fagerlund who is the Chief Product Officer over at NetEnt said: “It is important for us to diversify the volatility in our games as we know that our partners are demanding more flexible games catering to different player needs, and we are a supplier that listens to our customers and deliver quality.

“We are certain that the MAX releases will add another dimension to our already hugely popular portfolio, and we are pleased to increase the standard of the gameplay experience for players.”

Keep your eyes peeled next month for the brand-new launch and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts over at the forum too.

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