Lorenzo Pellegrino Interview

Lorenzo Pellegrino Interview

In addition, Lorenzo Pellegrino went the extra mile to share his thoughts and valuable information in relation to analytics, tracking tools, mobile, AI and VR, game providers, and the iGaming industry in general.

Income Access has started a new affiliate programme in partnership with Wild Wild Bet Casino. What are your expectations?

We are excited to be supporting Wild Wild Bet Casino in leveraging a robust affiliate software platform. The casino is a promising brand that is enjoying great potential in the marketplace. We are also very proud of our recent partnerships with other successful brands such as Lottomatica, as well as those in emerging markets like NairaBet in Nigeria and Betin in Kenya and Uganda. There are many promising brands and market leaders rising in these rapidly expanding regions that we hope we can work with in the future.

Where do you see the future of affiliate programmes in online gambling industry going?

Affiliate programmes will continue to be a key part of the acquisition strategy for iGaming operators in both established and emerging markets. With the growth of new markets in regions like the U.S, South America and Africa, there are many opportunities for operators to expand their player base by leveraging the affiliate channel.

In established markets like the UK and Europe, there is an increased focus on regulation and brand credibility. This results in an increased focus on the transparency of marketing partners, which is also providing a level of credibility to the channel that is beneficial to all. We are excited to be part of the continuing evolution of the affiliate channel and the new opportunities that it provides for everyone in the industry.

Income Access is known as a powerful marketing service provider, focused on providing services across multiple channels. What are the main channels you cover and why?

To achieve success in the industry, our clients employ a range of marketing channels to bolster player acquisitions. Each channel serves a complementary need in the longer-term growth of the affiliate channel. For example, app store optimization can provide short and long-term results for operators looking to acquire traffic for their mobile applications.

As a marketing services and technology provider, Income Access successfully supports all acquisition channels and strategic marketing campaigns. This includes affiliate marketing and network management, social media management, search engine marketing, media buying and app store optimization, across all verticals and markets in the iGaming space.

What are the major advantages of your multi-channel tracking and analytics affiliate software in comparison to other similar products on the iGaming market?

Analytics on all acquisition channels, including the affiliate channel, are integral in giving operators an understanding of what marketing strategies are successful and whether they should be sustained.  It is imperative that any analytics and tracking tool provide granular data on all levels including the channel, the player, the affiliate, as well as on an overall brand level.

Players interact with brands across a variety of touchpoints, both at a pre-and post-transaction level. Multi-channel tracking allows iGaming operators to see how those touchpoints are working together. Having all this data in one place, in one tool, serves a common need for all digital marketing and acquisition managers.

Which parties in iGaming could benefit the most from your mobile app tracking system?

Mobile continues to be a vital channel for iGaming operators with the majority of those in the existing space utilizing mobile apps.  This has become even more relevant for emerging markets, such as Africa, where online activities are largely done on mobile.  It is essential that operators not only track their mobile activity but also assess the value of those activities as it pertains to respective device platforms (i.e. iOS vs Android). Operators can then optimize their marketing efforts according to the results they are seeing for each region.

Do you believe that AI and VR could change content marketing in iGaming and if so, to what extent?

The iGaming audience encompasses a savvy group of consumers who are quite passionate when it comes to adopting new technology. They’re also invested in the experiences that technology can provide. While VR already plays an exciting role in how customers – and players – can engage with brands, the evolution of AI raises that potential to a whole other level.

The future of iGaming requires the application of both tools to create environments and experiences that present something new and uncharted. It’s hard to know exactly what that future will look like but we know that boundaries will be pushed and even redefined.


Thank you very much for finding the time to talk to us, Lorenzo. We hope that your future projects will be as successful as the previous ones and look forward to seeing what new affiliate programs Income Access is going to launch.

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