Learning to distinguish Fair online casino from unfair one

Each casino has its own policies, on which it makes decisions about wagering and resolves disputes on the players’ accounts. Some casinos are friendly and customer-oriented, the other ones cheat on their clients. You can find a lot of reviews, comments and complaints on the Web about a particular casino. Most often users complain about the inconvenience they experience with the restrictions set by the casino against bonus-hunting (hunting for bonuses). Below we will consider the most common situations prone to conflict.

Duplicate player account

The great majority of gambling web-sites allows you to create no more than one account. This is necessary to combat bonus-hunting, that is, excesses in order to obtain welcome bonuses – as we know already, a number of casinos make gifts to new users in the form of bonus funds sent to their accounts. There is one more reason – the requirements of the body in which the gambling web-site has received a license.
To date, one can find in the rules of any casino a paragraph about cancellation of not only bonuses, but also the winnings of a player who owns multiple accounts. Moreover, certain deposits of such a user may be subject to confiscation. A number of the casinos reserve the right to seize all funds upon detection of duplicate registrations.
But not always re-registration is intentional. Many casinos have similar names and a similar design. Those who rarely play cannot remember if they had an account on this web-site before. This is where the differences start between fair casinos and their opposites. In the fair ones, all such cases are reviewed individually. If the player had no intention to break the rules of the casino, the decision will be taken in his favor.Unfair casinos are often guilty of faking the original accounts of players in order to refuse to pay a large amount of money won. In these cases it’s impossible to prove anything, so before registering you should look for comments about this or that online casino on the Web. As a rule, the refusal to pay a large sum evokes a wide response in the community of players, so this event could hardly go unnoticed. The cancellation of winnings in this situation is a major issue, since this is not about virtual gift bonuses, but about real money invested by the player.
Oddly enough, reliable casinos don’t confiscate funds upon detection of a duplicate account. Why is it so? Such gambling web-sites are not generous with giving out bonuses. Accordingly, all winnings happen only at the expense of playing for real money. If a player has made several accounts and deposited his money on them – he is entitled to use them as he pleases. That is, it can only be fair to cancel the winnings received during the games on bonus funds.

Violation of terms of bonuses use

It often happens that a casino charges a player with a violation of terms of bonuses use. As a rule, all winnings that were received with the help of bonuses are canceled. There are cases when the vanue confiscates all the player’s funds and blocks his account.
Most often, the maximum rates prove to be a stumbling block. To guard against bonus-hunting, casinos set limits on the amount of the maximum rate for one spin. On detailed examination of the rules of one or another gambling web-site, you can find out its maximum rate. The problem is that not all players read these rules.
Reliable casinos should explain their rules very clearly, including the rates – their customers simply won’t have a chance to make a wrong bet. The conditions of cooperation on such gambling web-sites are prescribed clearly, so that any player can understand them. In practice, such “idiot’s guides” are rare and to get to the bottom of them you have to think a lot. This is particularly true for the paragraphs about the use of bonus funds.

Foul play and self-exclusions

Excessive amount of bonuses is a reason to suspect the player in a foul play. Those who are charged with such a violation of the rules lose money and are blacklisted. In this, not only bonus funds, but also real funds deposited on the player’s account, shall be confiscated,
Very often, players complain that the casino denies payment of the winnings due to self-exclusion. Some bodies issuing licenses for gaming activities require the casino to pay back deposits to the players who have self – excluded. In practice, there are cases when a player excludes himself, and then go on with playing. If he wins he gets money, and in case of losing, he / she applies for the refund of the deposit due to self-exclusion.
Anyway, a proper online casino must have the technical means to trace the self-exclusion of players before the game. In practice unfair gambling web-sites often refuse to pay back large amounts of money to the players precisely for this reason, since the player practically doesn’t have an opportunity to prove anything here.

Problems relate to identification and age of players

There are a lot of complaints on the Web related to problems with identification of the player. In this event, only one piece of advice can be given – if you are going to play for real money and expect to win – specify only reliable data that can be documented. Sincere casinos can request scans of documents to make sure that the account from which you are going to withdraw funds really belongs to you. The remaining ones can just block the account at the slightest uncertainty about the authenticity of your data.
This review is only one of the most common pitfalls that can trap players in online casinos. There exist a lot of other difficult situations, and we invite you to discuss them and share the ways to deal with them in forum topcasinos2.ru.

How to choose a fair online casino?

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