I’ve lost all my money in casino. What to do?

I’ve lost all my money in casino. What to do?

If you are looking through this page, then most likely, a few minutes or hours ago you lost your last money in casino (Your Cap). The author of these lines understands you perfectly.Surely you made some deposit, lost it, and in hope of getting wasted money back made another transfer to the casino. And then did the same over and over again. And finally, you woke up, when deadly zeros flashed on casino balance.

What to do now? How to return the money? Firstly, settle down, breathe in and out for several times, and only then go on reading our tips.Have you got your breath back? Great! Now you wish you’ve never played in casino, you are killing yourself with feeling guilty and regret about irretrievably wasted money. Yes, it is exactly irretrievably. Use your head: you won’t win back this sum, but you’ll rather lose even more. Good news for you would be the fact that this unpleasant feeling of losing money won’t follow you as long as you think now. Two days maximum! Only 2 days, believe me.

The main task after losing money in casino is to take you mind from the idea of making the next deposit in hope of getting back the losing. Let alone the idea to borrow money for the game, becouse then you’ll have such problems that reading of articles on the Internet won’t help. As strange as it sounds, today you need to switch off negative thoughts. Communication with friends, alcohol, a girl will help you – the main thing is not to be left alone with your thoughts about lost money. Money is dust. Once again, I remind you that the day after tomorrow you will feel the same happy person, as you were before the ill-fated game.

How to avoid disappointment from losing in the future

Now you promise yourself that you’ll never play in casino again, thank the fate for useful experience. Well, I dare to disappoint you a little: you’ll never stop playing, you can only try not to become a sick addicted gambler who will need medical care.

  1. In your current state, there is nothing to worry about. Just try in the future not to treat the game as a method of rapid enrichment, take it not more as a pleasant opportunity to get extra pennies for ice cream or beer.
  2. Always define the maximum amount of money you are ready to lose today. It’s better to split this amount into parts and make a next deposit from it when you’ve lost.
  3. Play at minimum rates. Now many online casinos allow you to make both very small deposits and bets from one cent or even a penny.
  4. Never give up casino deposit -free bonuses, but at the same time remember that for its withdrawal you will have to meet the conditions for wagering, which is not easy to do.
  5. Play in the casino, in which there are actions and jackpot drawings. Having ranked first in any action or having won jackpot you, probably, pay back all previously lost money.
    And above all: get pleasure from the game, because it was created just for the purpose.
    Good luck!

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