How will I be greedy is not in the Casino?

Greed belongs to human existence. It is no coincidence that the major religions deal with the greed in its various manifestations, from sexual greed to avarice, in a comprehensive and negative. The unbridled passion that goes hand in hand with the greed that has already been recognized early in the history of humanity as a Problem. Greed has the “special” quality that is not only Greedy, but also often various other people, e.g. family members, are affected by the impact.

The casino player greed expresses itself through the desire to want to from each win an even bigger profit. But that cannot always work, because in a game of chance, a loss is inevitably, sooner or later. If the greed is particularly strong, it can happened easily that the entire profit is lost in the shortest amount of time. Then is become of the great luck or extraordinary luck completely unnecessary a great loss.

A lot of people can not control their greed well, because they are too obsessed with profits. Instead of being satisfied with the nice profit that you just get, you want to earn an even greater profit. The Fatal is that this greed is never satiated, and therefore, this behavior ends when gaming is almost always in a loss. In gambling, the great art consists in in time to stop, and the gain plug in.

Why will you ever greedy?

The man always wants to have more. The growth is both for mankind as well as for the individual people is an important drive. In principle there is no objection to a healthy ambition, because success and ambition are closely connected to each other. Greed always arises when the ambition is exaggerated and irrational. A smart businessman will consider very carefully, how big is the risk for a business. A casino player should do the same. If the casino player is willing to take any risk to make even higher profits, he moves on his very irrational Terrain. Greed should never dominate the mind.

Greed is actually a good thing?

There is a very famous quote from the movie Wallstreet (1987) by Oliver Stone. The stock broker Gordon Gekko declared at a shareholders ‘ meeting, his Credo:

“The crucial point is that the greed, unfortunately, there is no better word, is good. The greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies things, penetrates them, and at the core of every progressive mind. Greed in all its forms, greed for life, for money, for love, Knowledge has marked the development of mankind. And the greed, keep in mind these words, will not only be the salvation for Teldar Paper, but also for that other malfunctioning company, the United States.“Although the Film is supposed to work as a wall street criticism, there are, to this day, many stock traders who see Gordon Gekko as a role model. However, there is one important difference between the activities of a greedy stockbroker and a greedy casino player: The greedy stock brokers can make large profits at the expense of other market participants, and he can win even if share prices go down in the basement. A casino player wins only if he wins the games.

Greed is a Form of loss of control, which leads to a Paypal Casino players will almost always have to Ruin. Anyone who plays long enough will sooner or later lose. Unlike the stock broker, in a changing market is betting simply on falling prices, can’t say the casino player that he is now the winner, if he loses all the games.

What are the best tips are to not be greedy?

A fixed Budget for each game session set

There is gambling good days and bad days. That is why it is useful, from the outset, a Budget set that will be extended under any circumstances. In order to prevent that you can put in a good Phase too much money you lose in a bad Phase again. A fixed Budget limits the losses and this should be in the game session, the Supreme goal.

Only with (relatively) small amounts of play

Casino players are well advised, your game budget with money to do not deny, you need to life. Basically, A loss of the entire budget may be annoying but never fatal. Anyone who uses money in the casino game, which is actually needed for food, rent or other important things, brings himself in a very dangerous position. In addition, the greed of rising stakes is bigger. If you are for small amounts of money to greedy and, in the end, the entire Budget have to lose is not a big Problem. In addition, Even with small stakes, big gains are possible.

profits as the main goal when you Play

Of course it’s fun when you Play win big. But in the casino game, it should go first and foremost to the enjoyment of the game. The financial investment is gambling important, but the Casino is not the appropriate place to solve financial problems. With a lot of luck, it is possible to win big, but any player would like to force the luck, has a tendency to damage themselves by excessive greed. A relaxed attitude is the game of luck is very important.

Always only a part of the current profit set

If you make a profit, you should always put only a part of it again. For example if you have 100 euros, you can ride 100 games with 1 Euro bet. In order to remain always in the profit zone, you could restrict the use to a total of 50 Euro. In the worst case, you go out and then end up with 50 Euro profit from the game.

Stop, as long as it is in the profit zone

This tip is essential in games for all the luck. You should build a pattern of behaviour that ensures that you lose your gains again. For example, you can follow tip 4. Alternatively, you could also rule that you stop as soon as you are in the profit zone in the first game, lost the entire game. This requires a lot of self-discipline, but as a reward you get a number of successful game sessions.

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