How webmasters make money in online casinos

How webmasters make money in online casinos

Everyone who profits from casinos, poker and stakes is called ‘an affiliate”, or “an aff”, short for the English word ‘affiliate’ (to attract).
The essence of the earning is simple – you register an affiliate program, then create banners, links and landings containing your link. Place them on your website, VK Group or in any other place.
If a person registers with your link in casino, then you get profit. And the point is that if you click on the referral link, leave and later enter it again directly, then the link saves cookie files in your browser and the affiliate, whose link you’ve used, will get profit if you lose, or just for your registration.

Top 3 Affiliate Programs (Must Have)

  1. PlayAttack
  2. PoshFriends
  3. DeckMedia

There are 3 basic patterns of work:

  • Revenue Share – that’s when you are paid with % of the players’ losses, usually from 20% (in the top foreign casinos), up to 60-70% in shit scripts. That’s why we can see on all web-sites the shit casinos, where players have zero chances to win something worthwhile, since it’s more profitable for a webmaster to get 60% and make the player throw the game for sure and win nothing, for this purpose fake comments, fake ratings, etc. are posted.
  • CPA – that’s when a player registers, makes a certain minimum deposit, and you are paid for his registration.
  • Mixed type – that’s when you have the both types within the same program.

All clear for the first type – when players lose, you get interest, when players win, you are in negative, you get nothing, and later your negative burns out. According to the rules you get money not for one player, but for all of them. Let’s assume that players lost 10 thousand within one month, and then one player won 11 thousand, then you will be in negative and get nothing.

The second pattern is CPA, it depends neither on the players’ losses, nor on their wins, but there is a possibility of fraud on the part of the webmaster, so this pattern is usually given to proven large sites. For instance, if you affiliate with some casino, you are paid $ 100 for registration of a person who contributes at least $ 20. Any fool can see that you have to find people, give them $ 20 and go forward. Though, after a while, the affiliate program will be banned, as the players will no longer play and the casino will get no profit, it is fraud on the part of the webmaster, indeed.
It’s simple, isn’t it? This isn’t like carrying bricks on the construction site, so every schoolboy who can make a website, starts to do it, and the most interesting thing is that it generates income!

How webmasters make money in online casinos

How to make an affiliate program in online casino?

So, I would like to mention, in particular, Casino-X and JoyCasino affiliate program, because it’s really simple and you can do all you need within 5 minutes. But the situation is similar on all web-sites.

  1. You open the casino site where you want to make an affiliate program.
  2. You go to the bottom of the site and look for the link Partners / Affiliate.
  3. In other cases, you write for online chat or support and ask them how to make an affiliate program.
  4. You get the link.

In fact, you’ve made an affiliate program! Now you can start earning, you just have to create a banner, links, etc. – even a schoolboy can figure it out, so I won’t describe it in detail.
Thus, you can make an affiliate program on almost any web-site. Though, there is one small point! To make affiliate programs, on large web-sites especially, you very often have to own a web-site, as you fill in the register form, and then the affiliate program will be verified and approved or rejected!

Where to get traffic for online casino

Here we reach the hardest part! Without traffic, all the previous items are of no use. In our case, traffic means the people you will direct via links. You can get traffic in several ways, the most important is that it should be a THEMATIC one. Because you can have a site with 50,000 unique visitors, but not about a casino, you’ll either put a casino banner there and earn NOTHING, or you’ll have an awesome casino site that will be visited by 100 people, and you’ll get decent money.

We attract thematic traffic

There are several ways to attract topical traffic to earn money on an online casino.

  1. Make a thematic site, group / page in facebook, a video channel on YouTube, where you will create cool content, because if the content is bad – then there will be no traffic.
  2. Arbitration of traffic is a topic for a separate article or series, and unfortunately, I’m not an expert on this matter, as I choose the first item for making money. But I’ll try to clear up the point in a few words, it’s very simple! You buy traffic , let’s say, for X money, convert this traffic to the casino, they give you Z money. The difference between Z-X is your profit. The trick is that a few years ago the tops in arbitrage traffic earned heaps of money, not only in casino, but in all directions, and still some of them manage to earn 20-50k $ DAILY!!! this way.
  3. These are all kinds of spam, newsletters, grids of bad web-sites (doorways), etc. – anyway, in a word , fraudulent activity, I don’t want to go into detail – every day we all face this shit in the mail, YouTube, etc.

There we are, now. Everything looks simple at first glance – but there are a lot of nuances and subtleties, which we’ll maybe explain you later.

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