How can you resolve the slot machines

How can you resolve the slot machines

Slot machines today the topic of our article series was about the big Scams. Slot machine landscape is omnipresent in the German-speaking Pub, not only in game halls the devices with their ever-present lure sounds and the colorful lights. Again and again these machines were also the target for fraudsters, estimated to be of the damage in Germany each year about 10 million Euro. Here are some famous cases and methods:

Tommy Carmichael and the infamous monkey claw

One of the most famous cases happened in the USA in the 90s. Tommy Glen Carmichael built a device – Monkey Praw, to claw German Monkey with which he was able to penetrate through the withdrawal slot in the vending machine. The device triggering the switch of the payment mechanism and Nikrasch only had to collect the coins.

After the manufacturer had rebuilt the devices, managed to Carmichael, the improved vending machine with a kind of tab trick. Thus, he interfered with the electric circuit of the vending machine, it is amounts of money were artificial, and he could then pay off. Carmichael could also trigger with the help of strong flashes of light to the payout mechanism. The FBI was able to catch him but finally.

Dennis Nikrasch, king of the slot machines scammers

Nikrasch trieb in Nevada and Atlantic City on the loose. He opened the machine and changed with the help of a computer random generator, whereby the Jackpots could be manipulated. His accomplice had to be on guard and see that no one observed Nikrasch and his Do.

Here, too, the FBI was able to stop the fraud, and in 1998 he was sentenced to 7 years in prison. When you try to crack the million “Megabucks-Jackpot” to beat the prosecution authorities. From 1976 to 1998, Nikrasch and his accomplices should have at least captured $ 16 million.

The money throw-in to simulate and cash in

Northern Germany was hit in 2009 by a gang of home, a special Trick has come up. With the help of the machines imported wire a certain electronic contact was sought that could be operated with the aid of a control device. Then the perpetrators threw, for example, 5 Euro in the vending machines, with the help of the electronics 50 Euro or more, which could be the culprit immediately pay off.

A similar mesh is also a band from the South of Germany, the rigged slot machines in state casinos, and a total of 700,000 Euro drop should be used. You should have brought machines to the 50-Cent coins stored in the slot of thousands, even though no money has been inserted.

A man from the US has invented a method with which he could hack into the System of the vending machine, and meant that profits could be doubled over a certain key combination. Apparently the Whole thing was very lucrative, he and his accomplices allegedly cashed about $ 1.4 million.

“Empty play of slot machines” – A challenge for the justice

A particular case of the Federal court of justice had to decide in 1994. The defendant had a computer program that was for the course of the game in the money slot machines the trio mint-Jacky-Jackpot the NSM prevail. So he could calculate the program’s history, and knew what the machine was and how short he was in front of the “Spit”. As a result, he knew exactly when the Pressing of the risk-made button sense.

Legally was interesting about this case is that the defendant manipulated neither the machine nor the program in the proper sense. The operation took place, in principle, fine. Nevertheless, the Supreme court affirmed the fraud in the result of a computer and tenorierte: “he Who plays with the use of the unlawfully obtained computer program in a slot machines“,” acts without authorization on the expiry of a data processing operation.”

The old methods

Earlier, the Manipulation worked, of course, much easier. Foreign coins that match in size and weight of higher-quality, domestic coins, worked perfectly and even coins on a string ranged often in order to deceive the machines. In 1982, it should have even been specially machined coins ‘stuck’ and hour long game with only one coin made it all possible.

Also, with the help of an electric candle or stove lighter, fraudsters were making a killing. Earlier the roles were controlled by electrical impulses, which you could simulate with the help of such an electrical radio transmitter relatively light and easy to manipulate. Today, the machines are shielded, of course, to a large extent.

Why the need for time-consuming techniques?

Special Trick the actors demonstrate in the following Film. Sent to deceive you host a pub and come out without any elaborate AIDS to the money in the money slot machine. See for yourself …

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