Dispersion in online slots. How to win on slots?

Dispersion in online slots. How to win on slots?

Hello everybody, today we’ll discuss the dispersion and return of slots in online casino, clear up things about the influence of this couple and learn how to choose a slot for your preferences. I’ll tell you straight away, that it’s important to understand, that there is no 100% way to find out how often and how much any particular slot will give you, as everything is highly relative.

Return (RTP return to the player) is the percentage of all bets, which a slot (or any other game in an online casino) will give back to the players in the form of winnings. For instance, take slot Poltava Flames of War, which returns the players 96%, so in a long game you lose four cents from each dollar on bet. The remaining four percent are the income of the casino. The norm is the return of more than 96%, if higher 97% – an excellent result, over 98% – just fantastic. For example, When Pigs Fly slot returns 97%. By the way, we’ll tell you later where you can find information about return from different slots.

Dispersion – put very simply, dispersion means risk of losing money, dispersion can be subdivided into high, medium and low types.

High-dispersion slots are winning combinations, they are extremely rare, but payouts on combinations are very high. To get a big winning, you basically need to spend most of your bankroll, and sometimes you won’t get anything.
Medium-dispersion slots are the best choice for those who want to play measured, winnings occur quite often, in so doing the amount of winnings can be quite large.
Low-dispersion slots are a good choice for the players with a small bankroll, winnings often occur, but they won’t excite you with large sums.

Let’s clear up things about dispersion and return from the slot

One of the simplest and most accurate ways to learn about dispersion of a slot is to look at its maximum multiplication, the characteristics are approximately the following: if the maximum multiplication in the slot is less than x5000, then it is a low dispersion slot, a slot with up to x10000 – a medium dispersion slot, over x10000 – a high one. But such approach, as it was mentioned above, is inaccurate, you can get a more accurate result with testing the slot personally, you can test it in demo mode, now all providers in most casinos have such an opportunity. When testing the slot, you should pay attention to:

  1. Payout table. It’s one of the most important indicators, because one slot with top symbols line can produce multiplication x100, and another one – x10000 (yes, such things can happen), usually if payments on lines are expensive, then this is the first sign of a slot with high or medium dispersion. For example, Mighty Arthur slot gives only x150 for the full field of wild symbols, and Playboy slot from Microgaming gives x10000 for the full screen of wild symbols.
  2. Bonus functions. This is also an important point, as there are slots in general without bonus features or free spins, for example, in the Space Wars slot there is only an additional respin after matching the lines with improved chances on symbols scored. Basically slots give the players great multiplications in bonus games (Dead and Alive is a striking example). Or, for instance, drops in the Immortal Romance slot, which can do multiplication up to x12150.
  3. Jackpots. It is jackpots that weaken dispersion greatly, because when jackpot comes up, there can be multiplication of x100,000.

Abusers in online casinos

For those of you who don’t know, abuser is a player, who uses something unusual in game mechanics, so I think that many noticed that when wagering bonus, some slots cannot be used at all, and some of them don’t win back wagers, and it happens precisely because of the abusers who used and go on using bonuses and high return from slots to shift the advantages of the casino in their favor, for example, if there is a wager for the whole bonus.
Which way, for example, you can take Blood Suckers slot with RTP 98 percent and a bonus for the whole amount with wagering x40. In this case, the advantage of abuser is 0.5 for every 100 or 0.5%. Actually, any slot with a payback equal to or more than 97.5% in this case brings profit.
There are a lot of such slots – and usually they forbid the players to wager the bonus.

Dispersion in online slots. How to win on slots?

Top 3 high-volatile slots.

Dead or Alive

Dead Or Alive – One of the leading slots for winning more than x1000 bet. The slot has nine lines and five reels. The main game will never award the player with a big winning, but free spins are another matter, which are activated after coming up of three or more scatter symbols in the main game. For coming up of three or more scatter symbols you get 12 free spins, where all winnings will be doubled by two, and all coming up scatter symbols will be staying throughout the game, in case when wild symbols come up on all five reels, five free spins are activated.
In case when wild symbols come up in one or more lines till the end of free spins, you will get huge winnings, in case when wild symbols come up in several lines, you can expect multiplication from x3 000.

300 Shields (Nextgen)

The main game At 300 Shields online slot won’t bring you big winnings, the spice of the slot is free spins, where the multiplication of all winnings depends on coming up scatter symbols, the multiplier begins with 2x, then 5x, then 25x, and in the end it becomes 300x, in the bonus game you can catch the retrigger and get additional five spins. The top thing is to catch five wild symbols in line within the period of multiplication by x300, in this case, the bet may become twelve thousand times higher and this is just within one line.

Immortal Romance (Microgaming)

Immortal Romance online slot  created in 2011, and having reached great popularity, can produce interesting multiplications in both the common game and also in the bonus functions, which are two in the slot, one of them is free spins (4 different types) and the Wild Desire function that appears randomly and can close with Wild symbols from 1 to 5 reels (the maximum multiplication from function x12150). Let’s examine the types of free spins.

  • Amber – opens at once, gives 10 free spins with multiplication of all winnings in lines by five
  • Troy – opens after the fifth bonus, gives 15 free spins, in which when matching along the lines, an additional wild symbol appears with multiplication up to x6.
  • Michael – opens after coming up of the tenth bonus, gives 20 free spins with multiplication from x2 to x5 in each spin.
  • Sarah – opens after coming up of the fifteenth bonus, gives 25 spins with possibility to catch a super wild, which can multiply by many wilds.

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