Which bonus can be called the best casino bonus? Numerous players in Canada alone ask themselves this question. This question is definitely understandable. If you look around, you will discover countless different bonus offers on the market . So it is not so easy to keep track of things. In addition, every casino naturally promises that you can collect the best bonus there ever . But where is the truth really spoken?

We want to show you several important things in the following. On the one hand, you will find out which offer can be awarded as the best casino bonus . In addition, we will show you what you should look out for with the bonus offers and how you can recognize the good bonus deals.

Best casino bonus: All information at a glance

  • Casino bonus offers are available in every online casino these days .
  • Not all bonus offers are equally powerful. It is therefore worth making a comparison .
  • The offer that wants to be rated as the best casino bonus has to convince in many ways.
  • Not only the bonus amount is important. Above all, you should check the bonus conditions for the payout .
  • You can secure yourself a casino bonus in different variants , for example as a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus.
  • Both new and existing customers benefit from bonus offers and extras in the online casinos.

What are the advantages of a casino bonus?

A best casino bonus is a nice thing as you can secure yourself extra money to play with or free spins. If it is an online casino no deposit bonus, you can win real money without even having to deposit any money. You play completely risk-free and without obligation in the online casino. So you can first get to know the online casino with the games before you make a deposit yourself. So you won’t lose any of your own money if you don’t win anything. Only the bonus money given disappears. The winnings can of course also be paid out if you have met the wagering requirements.

But even the best casino bonus with a deposit brings you advantages. In that case, you will be granted bonus money or free spins on your deposit. You can then get to know the free spins, which are mostly intended for certain slots, and the corresponding games. When there is bonus money, you ultimately have more money to play with to try and cash in on some winnings. As long as the bonus conditions are fair and feasible, it is always a good option to get the online casino bonus. Why should you also miss out on free money or free spins?

Secure a one-time casino match bonus

Occasionally there is a one-time Casino Match Bonus so that you can get extra bonus money on top of your deposit . In principle, the match bonus is similar to a welcome bonus. There may be a 100% or 50% casino bonus up to a certain amount on the next deposit in the online casino. If you now deposit 100 CAD, a 100% match bonus would give 100 CAD in bonus money to play with.

Here with us, too, you can discover exciting exclusive bonus promotions as match bonuses . In some online casinos you have to activate a bonus code in order to get the match bonus. In some cases, it is necessary to indicate in the online casino when making a deposit that the bonus should be activated. How exactly it is handled depends on the online casino. A best casino bonus is also linked to bonus conditions that are within the feasible range.

Tiered casino welcome package in several steps

A best casino bonus as a welcome package can be granted in several steps. Some online casinos offer particularly high bonus promotions . These providers mostly rely on offers that are granted in stages. It can include both free spins and bonus money. Often there are deposits on the first three or the first fivea casino bonus. Experience has shown that a 100% bonus is often granted on the first deposit. On the following deposits, the bonus may only be a 50% or 75% bonus. If there are a lot of free spins, it usually is. Often the first free spins are available immediately after registration. The other free spins will also be split up and granted over the following days. You should also take a look at the bonus conditions. Even the best casino bonus is linked to wagering requirements and wagering periods. If it is the best casino bonus, the conditions are fair and player-friendly.

Receive free spins without real money in the casino

Some online casinos also grant a no deposit casino bonus. Often times it is some free spins that are granted without having to make a deposit . If you register as a new player in the online casino, the free spins will be credited to you so that you can start right away. Most of the time, the free spins are only intended for very specific slots. If you use the free spins, you can get to know the game in peace, discover the potential and, with a bit of luck, make a profit.

Since it doesn’t cost you anything, you can use free spins without real money deposit . After all, it is also risk-free for you. If you play a few rounds for free, you definitely have no objection. But you have to pay attention to the wagering requirements. There are also offers that come with no wagering requirements. In that case, you can just cash out the winnings without any ifs or buts. That would of course be the best online casino bonus. Even for existing customers there are occasionally, for example, free spins without real money in the VIP program. As a result, every player can occasionally receive free spins if they choose the right online casino.

Recognize fair bonus: this is how it works

How fair is the casino bonus? Every player should ask himself this question before using a bonus in best online casinos for Canadian players. Important to know: A fair casino bonus is not automatically the bonus with the largest bonus amount . Much more important when awarding the title as the best casino bonus are the bonus conditions. These specify which requirements must be met before the payout. If the bonus conditions cannot be met, even the largest bonus amount is completely worthless. We have listed what to look out for in the terms and conditions of an online casino bonus and how points can be awarded for the title as the best casino bonus.

Wagering requirements

The first look at an online casino bonus should always be on the wagering requirements . These specify how often the bonus amount must be converted before the sum can be paid out. Most providers require a 30-fold or 35-fold turnover of the bonus amount. Important : In addition to the turnover of the bonus amount, the turnover of the deposit amount is often required. How fair or unfair the sales conditions of an offer are can only be determined by looking at the time requirements and other restrictions. Of course, it is clear that lower wagering requirements are desirable from the player’s point of view for every casino bonus.

Game contribution / game evaluation

There are sometimes big differences in the game rating within the online casino portfolio . If an offer wants to win the title as the best casino bonus, the deal should be as versatile as possible. That means: The stakes of the players should be rated 100 percent in as many games as possible . This means that every dollar wagered is fully counted towards the bonus conditions. If the stake rating is only 50 percent, a dollar stake would be valued at 0.50 dollars in the sense of the bonus conditions. The lower the percentage rating, the higher the stakes required to meet the wagering requirements.

Limits on winnings and wagers

In most cases, an online casino bonus is associated with certain limits. If a casino bonus without a deposit is used, a win limit can be set up, for example. This is especially the case when free spins are awarded as a casino bonus. With a classic casino deposit bonus, winning limits are rarely found. For this, however, the usage specifications must be observed in both cases . The stake can also be set at a certain amount, which must not be exceeded. This is then, for example, five or ten dollars per game round.

Time requirements

There are time limits for every online casino bonus. The providers only waive these requirements in exceptional cases. The time requirements determine how long players can take their time to meet the wagering requirements . The longer the period, the more pleasant it is. The rule of thumb for the deal as the best casino bonus is that a maximum of one turnover per day should be required in the wagering requirements. So if players have 30 days, for example, 30 times the turnover should be sufficient for the payout. If there are even more days available for sales, that’s all the better.

Excluded games and other requirements

Especially with a deposit bonus, players should make sure that the deposit is rated generously . In the best case, it is at least 100 percent, as the deposit amount can be doubled with the casino bonus. However, there may be further requirements relating to the deposit. A bonus code may be required for activation or certain payment options may not be used. It can look similar when fulfilling the wagering requirements. In some cases, some games are excluded from participation . The stakes in these games are then not counted in terms of the bonus conditions.

Find the right bonus: It’s that easy

In principle, each player can award the title of the best casino bonus individually. Those who have found the right bonus for themselves usually land a real hit before the first round of the game. But how exactly do I find the bonus that can be considered the best casino bonus for me? For this, you should first check your own player type. For inexperienced newbies, of course, slightly different offers are possible than for experienced high rollers . High rollers place large bets and accordingly look for generous bonus offers. For an inexperienced newbie, the best casino bonus is a valuable bonus. Means: With the smallest possible deposit, the largest possible casino bonus should be included. Who get an overview of the offers is also exactly right with us. We have carefully examined all of the deals. This means that every player can determine his or her title holder as the best casino bonus in the twinkling of an eye.

Online casino bonus: What bonus offers are there?

When choosing the best casino bonus, very different offers must be taken into account . We have listed here which ones belong and how they differ.

Deposit bonus

For many players, only a deposit bonus can be considered the best casino bonus. This is the most widely used bonus on the market . It is not uncommon for such a casino bonus to be able to collect up to 1,000 CAD or more as bonus credit. If the bonus conditions have been met, the bonus amount can usually be paid out in full.

No deposit bonus

Other players swear by a no deposit bonus when awarding the title as the best casino bonus. The big advantage : players get their bonus with these offers without having to use real money themselves. Often these bonus offers are made available in the form of free spins. The winnings from the free spins are then payable. But it can also be that a no deposit bonus is activated as a full online casino bonus in the form of credit. Compared to the deposit bonus, these bonus deals are smaller.

No deposit free spins

As the best bonus, of course, not only offers from pure bonus credit come into question. The free spins are also a real hit in many casinos. A distinction is made between different types of free spins. On the one hand, you often collect this as a companion for a deposit bonus . In this way you not only secure bonus credit, but also receive a few free spins. Alternatively, many casinos provide you with the no deposit free spins . For new customers, for example, these are available immediately after opening an account. For existing customers, free spins are offered, for example, in the form of weekly offers or as promotions for individual games.

By the way, many players prefer the free spins due to their mostly lax guidelines. Often you do not have to use your winnings from the free games , but can pay them out directly. Compared to many offers with bonus money, the conditions are much easier to master.

Bonus with no wagering requirements

Also included in the selection as the best bonus is the casino bonus without wagering requirements . If you discover a deal like this, you can’t really go wrong. You should therefore strike immediately. Without wagering requirements means that you do not have to master any sales for the payment of the bonus money . Once the bonus has reached your account, you can pay it out directly. Compared to the regular offers with sales conditions, these deals are generally a bit smaller overall. Sure: If the amounts are too high, players would simply access the payout directly and no longer play at all.

No deposit bonus

One of the most popular bonus offers on the market is the no deposit bonus. The name comes from English and describes a bonus for which you do not have to make a deposit into your player account . Deals of this kind are made available to you both in the form of new customer offers and in the form of promotions for existing customers. Another reason why many consider these offers to be the best bonus on the market. Even with a no deposit bonus, you should of course pay attention to the applicable turnover and bonus conditions.

High roller bonus

A very special bonus in this listing is the high roller bonus . As the best bonus , these offers are particularly suitable for experienced players. The High Roller Bonus is specially offered to players who like to make large deposits into the account. The possible bonus amount is correspondingly generous here. Bonus values ​​of several thousand dollars are not uncommon here. These deals are less suitable for newbies. Not only because of the enormous deposit amount, but also because of the conditions. As a rule, these can only be mastered if the game is played intensively.

Mobile bonus

A mobile bonus can definitely win the award as the best bonus. As the name suggests, these bonus offers are available to you for the mobile versions of the casinos . You can comfortably use the offers on the go via smartphone or tablet. And: Only very few offers are explicitly marked as mobile offers. As a rule, every bonus is a mobile bonus. Only in absolute exceptional cases cannot you unlock the bonus money with the casino’s mobile app.

A distinction is made between deals of different types in the mobile bonus offers . These can be classic deposit offers, but also bonus offers without a deposit, free spins or cashbacks. You can already see: Mobile bonus offers are extremely versatile.

Casino starting balance

The casino starting credits are also hot contenders for the title of best bonus . Here, the providers provide you with a credit to start with . So, in a way, these deals are also no deposit bonus offers. The starting credit can be available to you in the form of free spins as well as bonus money. Since no deposit is required here, the starting balance is smaller than the deposit offers. As a rule, you are offered between five and 20 dollars free of charge. Alternatively, the starting credit can be, for example, ten, 20 or 50 free spins.

Casino coupons

The casino vouchers are used by the providers to entertain the existing customers. Not every provider relies on these vouchers equally. In many casinos, however, you will be able to discover them. For the title as the best bonus, there are a few offers that come into question. The vouchers are extremely versatile and some of them offer spectacular deals. The main advantage, however, is the durability. Many offers keep coming back or are being replaced by new vouchers. Unlike a new customer bonus, which you can only use once.

Cashback bonus

A cashback bonus is a casino bonus of a slightly different kind. The players are not rewarded for their deposit, but rather compensated for possible losses . If money was lost, these stakes – or part of them – go back to the player’s account. With a cashback online casino bonus of 100 percent, it would roughly give back the entire losses.

Existing customer offers

The mentioned bonus offers are usually made available primarily to new customers in the casino. However, there are also various deals for existing customers . For example, free play bonuses, cashbacks or reload bonuses can be activated as part of loyalty programs or time-limited promotions. The offer varies from provider to provider. Existing customer offers are not included in the choice of the best casino bonus.

Further bonus promotions in the overview

Casino bonus according to bonus amount:Casino bonus by percentage:Casino starting balance without deposit:Casino bonus after free spins:
1 CAD casino bonus100% casino bonus5 euro bonus without deposit10 no deposit free spins
5 euro casino bonus150% casino bonus7 euro bonus without deposit20 no deposit free spins
10 Euro casino bonus200% casino bonus10 euro bonus without deposit25 free spins no deposit
20 euro casino bonus250% casino bonus15 Euro no deposit bonus30 no deposit free spins
50 Euro casino bonus300% casino bonus€ 20 no deposit bonus35 no deposit free spins
100 Euro casino bonus400% casino bonus25 euros no deposit bonus40 no deposit free spins
150 Euro casino bonus500% casino bonus50 no deposit free spins
200 Euro casino bonus60 no deposit free spins
300 Euro casino bonus70 no deposit free spins
400 Euro casino bonus80 no deposit free spins
500 Euro casino bonus90 no deposit free spins
750 Euro casino bonus100 free spins no deposit
1,000 casino bonus150 no deposit free spins
2,000 euro casino bonus

The Best Canadian casino bonuses

In order to find the best Canadian casino bonus, everyone should first consider which type of bonus they want to use. In this context, not every bonus may be used by every player. New customers, for example, find the best Canadian casino bonus by not only paying attention to the absolute amount of the bonus, but also to the percentage of the bonus. The percentage also determines the amount of the necessary deposit. For example, if you want to receive a one hundred percent bonus of 100 CAD, you must also deposit 100 CAD beforehand.

Existing customers can usually take advantage of different promotions. Here, too, the best Canadian casino bonus can be found by paying attention to which games it is intended for. Not everyone loves slots, for which there are often free spins. For example, if you mainly play roulette, you must make sure that these bets also count towards the bonus conditions. If you also always observe the required turnover conditions, you will quickly find your personal best Canadian casino bonus.

In particular, new customers and people who rarely play must consider the period within which the bonus must be gambled away. Otherwise it could happen that generated profits cannot be paid out.

In order to find the best Canadian casino bonus, several online casinos should be compared with each other. Alternatively, everyone will find important information in our tests with which the best Canadian casino bonuses can be found. Anyone who has achieved this goal is happy about the best chance of a high profit. Anyone who has this profit paid out can possibly use it to use it as a first deposit at another online casino and thus get another best casino bonuses.

Find the best online casino with a bonus: You should pay attention to this

Now the question is, in which online casino you should play. There are so many providers that it is not easy to choose. We have summarized the most important criteria here. If you stick to it, you will quickly find a good online casino with a bonus .

  • Security : A good online casino has a safe and reliable gambling license. These online casinos have to adhere to strict guidelines and observe things relating to data protection and player protection. Therefore, you should only play at a licensed online casino.
  • Payment options : Payment methods are also important when it comes to choosing an online casino. The most important payment options belong in the best online casino, including eWallets, banking methods and credit cards.
  • Games : The range of games is also important when choosing. There are so many software providers out there. Online casinos with popular providers are among the good online casinos.
  • Customer service : Good customer service belongs in the best online casino. Live chat should preferably be available. It is also important that a contact person is available at the most important times.
  • Bonus conditions : An online casino with bonus promotions should also offer good bonus conditions. The wagering requirement shouldn’t be too high. In general, a fair bonus offer is important.


In theory, the best casino bonus is numerous. However, this title can only be awarded to a really fair bonus offer. Fair means that the wagering requirements must be met for the bonus to be paid out . It is not just the turnover requirements themselves that play a role here. As the best casino bonus, the offer must also offer sufficient time. What sounds a bit like the egg-laying woolly pig is fortunately often found in practice. Thus, each player can also decide a little for himself who is awarded the best personal bonus or online casino with the best bonus.

Best Online Casino Bonuses F.A.Q.


Every online casino can set its own bonus offers. This is also not a duty, but an extra for the players. Bonus offers can be used, for example, as a casino deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, free spins bonus, cashback bonus or in the form of loyalty programs.


The online casino with the best bonus is not automatically the provider with the largest bonus amount. Players must pay attention to the bonus conditions with every online casino bonus. These specify which requirements must be met before the payout.


With an online casino bonus, each player usually pays attention to different things, so the answer to this question is individual. As a rule, the best casino bonuses are only offers that are fair and customer-friendly.


In order to be recognized as the best casino bonus, a bonus offer has to bring a lot with it. The turnover should be easily manageable for every player within the given time. In addition, there should not be too many additional requirements for activation. The fewer games that are excluded, the better it is to be rated. It is ideal if the stakes in all games are rated as 100 percent as possible. The bonus amount only plays a subordinate role in awarding the title as the best casino bonus.

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