243 Ways online Slots

243 Ways online Slots

Online slots with 243 paylines are usually equipped with five reels having three cells where the symbols are located. Such machines are produced by Microgaming, WMS Gaming, PlayTech companies and some other producers.

Specificities of slots on 243 lines:

The number of lines can’t be selected. That is, a player can’t switch on 242 lines, since 243 is a strictly fixed value. It was obtained by raising the number three to the fifth power. This is the maximum number of gaming patterns a five-reel machine can have in three raws.

Betting on 243 ways slots

There is no bet on one line. If this category existed in such slots, then taking into account the first point it would be necessary to bet at least 243 cents at each spin, since one cent is the initial bet amount in the game mode for money in many online casinos. This amount is significant for players with small bankroll, so in the machines with two hundred and forty-three lines the bet is made straight on all patterns and usually stands at several tens cents (up to one dollar).

Winning combinations

Winning can be obtained for three identical pictures on the first three slots. That is, the variations for getting a prize combination are much more here than in the machines with fewer lines.
Usually, slot machines with 243 active lines have colorful graphics, wild symbols, scatter marks and exciting bonus rounds. It is the appearing of bonus games that you should hunt for, as they will bring the largest reward – only payments for combinations alone would not bring any good result, especially with low bets. We recommend you to start playing for free in slots with 243 ways on our website in order to calculate on average what funds you will need to reach the bonus stage.
Good luck!

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